College Planner

More and more adults are fitting college into schedules already packed with family responsibilities, demanding jobs, and other activities. Most want to improve or expand job skills. Many want to earn or complete a degree they started a while ago. Some want the personal satisfaction of learning. If you are thinking about returning to the classroom, here are some guides to help you plan.


  • Have a clear sense of your goals.
  • What do you plan to study?
  • How do you plan to do it? Will you attend part-time? full-time?
  • What end result do you want -- a degree, personal fulfillment, etc.?

Colleges and Admission

Talk with admissions officers at colleges that interest you. Tell them:

  • How old you are,
  • What credits you've earned, if any, and,
  • When you earned them. Some colleges have different requirements for students over a certain age, whether those students have earned credit elsewhere or not.

Get Informed

Find out:

  • Whether your credits will be accepted for transfer if you have attended college before.
  • How you can earn credits for knowledge you've gained over the years


Find out what support the college offers:

  • Networking services
  • Child care
  • Orientation
  • Re-entry counseling
  • Tutoring

Financial Aid

  • Inquire about campus based, state and federal financial aid programs
  • Complete appropriate financial aid forms.
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