Adults Are You Ready?

All across the country, adults are returning to the classroom. Whether in GED classes, vocational training programs, or college courses, adults make up a large part of the student population in this country. Like you, they had to weigh a few things before they decided to "take the plunge."

Realistically, there are concerns adults have which delay their enrollment in school. The most common are time, money, and age.

Finding the time

Between work, play and family responsibilities, you might wonder where you'll find the time to go back to school. The fact is you'llhave to make the time!

Consider taking a course that may fit your lunch hour. Think about weekend college or evening school. There are even distance learning courses that are as close as your computer or mailbox! If the desire is there, there's a way for you to do it.

Finding the financing

Financial aid programs that are available through private, state, and federal resources may be the answer to the dollar problem. Talk with an MEOC counselor about the availability of financial aid and how to go about applying for it.

Forget about cold feet

Don't even think about it! There are people over 80 years old who have gone back to school! Chances are, if you do find yourself in a class with younger students, the only person thinking about the age difference is you.

Returning to school offers a number of payoffs

  • Increased earning power
  • Satisfaction of accomplishment
  • Emergence of a new, more confident YOU.

The Maryland Educational Opportunity Center is ready to assist you in applying for financial aid and admissions. Many resource materials are available on all types of schools, training programs, and career opportunities.

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