High School Students: Are You Ready?

If you are planning to go to college after high school, there are things you must do in preparation. How do you know you're ready? To get "your quotient", find out what you know, and what you need to know by answering "y" or "n" to the following:

1. I have researched the course requirements for entering those colleges in which I am interested.
2. I know that I don't have to make a final decision on my major in order to be accepted for admission.
3. I know how my grades and test scores stack up with the competition at certain colleges in which I am interested.
4. I know the kinds of curriculums available at the different colleges.
5. I understand the many ways students can gain advanced standing and academic credit at college.
6. My parents and I have discussed the financial aspects of attending college, and have begun to investgate ways to pay for it.
7. I know that applying for admission does not automatically make me an applicant for financial aid.
8. I have visited the campuses of those colleges in which I am interested.
9. I have a calendar plan for taking the tests which are required for admission.
10. I know that even if I don't get accepted at any of the colleges to which I apply, I should continue to keep looking until I find a college that matches my interests, abilities and goals.
11. I have studied the future job prospects of the careers in which I may have an interest.

You answered questions with Yes.

*Find the number that corresponds to your response:
0-3 Get Started!       4-7 You have much to do!      
8-9 You have some work to do!       10-11 You are ready!