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Dr. Daphne Snowden

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It is my pleasure to share that in September 2021, the Department of Education announced that Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. would once again receive a federal Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) grant of $1.1 million to fund our Maryland Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC). MEOC helps unemployed workers, low-wage workers, and returning high school and college students enter or continue a program of postsecondary education.

MEOC provides counseling and information on college admissions and services to improve participants’ financial and economic literacy. Among comprehensive services are academic and personal counseling, tutoring, mentoring, career workshops, information on postsecondary education opportunities, student financial assistance, and help in completing applications for college admissions.

As an experienced higher education administrator, former college professor, United States Army veteran and proud Baltimore graduate of Baltimore city secondary and post-secondary schools and universities, it is my goal to foster relationships in Maryland to better serve our communities with educational opportunities, specifically targeting adults 19 years of age and older interested in pursuing a GED, workforce certificate, college degree, military, license and certification, etc. To that note, I am very interested in establishing beneficial partnerships with Baltimore City and Howard County Public School Systems, faith base, Federal, state and local organizations that target identical populations. 


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Dr. Daphne Snowden
Carlos Muhammad
Michelle Cole
Office Manager/Fiscal Specialist
Jonathan Mangana
Counselor/GED Specialist
Christopher Williams
Patricia Edwards

Chaun-Nay Brown
Shawna Smith
Counselor (Howard County)
Kendall Forbes
Kayla Jones-Owens
Social Media Specialist

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MEOC is a community based program that provides free counseling, information and technical assistance to adults and youths interested in going to college or other postsecondary schools.

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