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Scholarships are money-based awards designated for education-related expenses.

  • Qualification for scholarships depends on the individual scholarship program.
  • Awards can be based on merit, talent, or academic performance.
  • Scholarships can be available through schools, private businesses, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.


Scholarship Resources:


Grants are gifted aid awarded to students based on financial need.

  • Funded through the state government, federal government, non-profit organizations, and schools.


Grant Resources:


Loans are money that you borrow with the expectation that you will pay it back, sometimes within a deadline.

  • Money can be borrowed through federal student loans,(government issued) or private student loans (often issued by banks and credit unions.)


Loan Resources:

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MEOC is a community based program that provides free counseling, information and technical assistance to adults and youths interested in going to college or other postsecondary schools.

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